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Potable water resources are depleting every day. Would you like to say stop depletion of potable and other waters? Be quick for constructing your wastewater treatment plant!

Although treatment plants have various processes and vary, they are divided into two in general. The plants, which is constructed and run for satisfying potable water demand, are called as potable water treatment plants while the plants, which are installed for treatment of used and polluted water (domestic and industrial), are called as wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment processes are directly related with human health and environmental awareness. It is essential returning water supplied from nature to nature after we use it because of natural balances and human-centered risks that might occur due to wastewater. Developing social structure and rising living standards have caused an increase in potable and utility water demand. Furthermore, the increase in population is another effective factor for the determined daily water consumption.

Thus, demand for treatment of used water is ever-increasing with the increase in water demand. Water resources are depleting rapidly around the world. Among these resources, potable water resources have also decreased and almost depleted. On the other hand, wastewater, which is released into receiving environments without any treatment, pollutes the water resources that are depleting day by day. Therefore, wastewater treatment has become inevitable for avoiding pollution of the existing water resources and using them more effectively. Considering that the rapidly depleting water resources are very important for the human being, it is possible that wastewater in various areas after they are treated if they satisfy the required values.  

Potable water shortage occurs due to seasonal decrease and losses in groundwater resources. Surface water has begun to be used because groundwater reserves are not enough due to the reasons like social, economic, industrialization and population increase etc. Water treatment demand has occurred because groundwater and surface water quality has decreased. Our existing water resources may not meet the general use conditions to satisfy our potable and utility water demands. The most important parameter is the water characteristics in selecting the process to be used in treatment. Thus, treating water through various treatment steps depending on where they are used to be brought to a certain quality standard is called as treatment.

Efe Construction Environment produces turnkey delivery projects in the area of wastewater and potable water treatment area and furthermore, it satisfies the plant-based demands which might occur during maintenance and management stages of the plants with after-sale services. Efe Construction Environment satisfies your demands perfectly and produces projects for them with its experiences and many wastewater treatment projects that it has completed.
Please review some of our projects for wastewater treatment project examples from Our projects and call us for more details.